Welcome to Minotaur

Minotaur Productions is an adult company on Second Life.

Minotaur Productions is an adult production company on Second Life.

Minotaur Productions is an adult production company on Second Life. I produce high quality stories through photoshots and comics.

My Passion

I take pics around Second Life, capturing the beauty and esence of each place and character.

My Stories

I strive to develop creative and funny stories, experimenting with new formulas and always innovating.

My Philosophy

My Drive

Work hard with the hottest females of Second Life.


New Comic: Out of Your League

Good Guy Alex is back and this time he will shows a lesson about how to reach that girl out of your league using the power of “please” and “thank you”. Enjoy the... read more

Earth Hour

Today is the Earth Hour! let’s help turning off your lights for 1 hour (from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm at your local time). What can you do during that hour? Well, the possibilities are unlimited. You can follow my example and have a lot of fun. #EarthHour... read more

New Comic: The Delay

Welcome to a new comic of Minotaur Productions. After some time oh hiatus making regular comics (not the short ones). I’m back. This time we have a critical situation with Alex facing a new menace. Check the comic to get more... read more

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Minotaur's Models

White Batistuta

    White Batistuta, the brazilian goddess. Desired by a lot of people, reachable just for a few. She helped me recently during a campaign about the Earth Hour. She is a dedicated person and we did a deep work on that. Is one of the hotteste brazilian on SL with whom I’ve ever worked. If you can take a pic with her consider yourself lucky.

    Jazziecutie Simmering

      ♔Owner of Jazzy’sDiamond Dolls EST.1/1/15♔
      ♥ Scorpio
      ♥ Loves all her genuine friends (they know who they are)
      ♥ Hates fakes in sl and rl
      ♥ Escort (ask for rates)
      ♥ Will she be your friend? Good question. lol
      ♥ Loves romance and gifts
      ♥ Loves to tease you cause I know you looking at me.. lol
      ♥ Has a sl wish list http://slwishlist.com/Jazzycutie.simmering (use it!)
      ♥ Is an sl porn and clothing model

      Ravnous Resident

        Ravnous’s curvy shape is only eclipsed by her talent. A model, actress and clothing designer, she has no lack of skills. Her beauty is both hypnotizing and addictive, so men beware.

        Keeley Snowfall

          I would describe myself as a short person, that is honest and upfront, that enjoys having a lot of fun while also remaining professional with everything I do.

          Ayara Illios

            Hard working, no nonsense, down to earth kind of girl, always busy working on something as DJ, Photographer, Film maker, actress, model, shoe designer or dancer/escort, when she is not working she is most likely hanging with friends, or somewhere perving people’s profiles. Very friendly girl, but dont mistake her for a fool. Rolled into porn by accident really back somewhere in 2010, but found she didnt do a bad job at it, so she sticked around. Her trademarks are her pink hair, star tattoos and her tanlines, those will never change. She is the owner of Pink Productions and Ayara’s Footwear.

            Bewitched Difference

              I would say find out yourself 😀 and look up my profile and blog for info 😀

              Onisa Lundquist

                She’s a fun loving, open-minded girl. She likes music and loves to meet new people.

                Emmanuelle Jameson

                  Emmanuelle Jameson is the most famous porn star in Second Life. She started out as Jennnnna Jameson, and quickly become the premiere actress, director and blogger in world. Her movies have almost a million hits and her website is still the most viewed today. She founded THE PORNSTARS group in Second Life and THE SEXIEST AWARDS®, the SL erotica version of the Oscars. Besides trying to raise the level of erotic film and photography, Emmanuelle has also been a force for good, creating charity events that have raised tens of thousands of Lindens for various causes. Although she doesn’t do as much work in SL today, she’s still a big deal.

                  ραятєє мчтιLι

                    Partee loves to show off her body to anyone. She enjoys being the party girl who can be enjoyed by others! She finds that Second Life is a place to live out fantasies of all sorts and all flavors. Not just her own but others.

                    Envy Watts

                      Envy is an outgoing loving fun person. She loves her family and her friends with a fierce passion. She has been around SL 2006… WOW now that’s a long time! She loves photography … has become a favorite hobby of hers.
                      Her passions are shoes and sexy low cut tops and dresses * winks* She loves compliments and sexy men that really care for their avies.

                      Asari Dark Sun

                        She is a dark earthy sensual Pisces meaning we go with the flow, a dominate but likes rough role play…love to dance in the pale moonlight but she stays very natural in a sea of chaos…music narrates her life.

                        υιυι joy

                          Vivi Joy is a Sassy redhead that has a firey personality. Started in porn in late 2014. She is the owner of Scorpion Productions. She is a Bi Sexual Female.

                          Azure Daxeline

                            Azure is an outgoing people pleaser who is not shy about her body. She is promiscuous and more than a little submissive. She is a natural in front of the camera.

                            Body Type: Curvy

                            Priscila Balogh

                              I’m Miss Balogh! A personage who lives in boiling. The Priscila of yesterday is not today and tomorrow, never will be yesterday. The only constant in my heart. Living for pleasure and company of friends and family.

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