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New Comic: Out of Your League

Good Guy Alex is back and this time he will shows a lesson about how to reach that girl out of your league using the power of “please” and “thank you”. Enjoy the... read more

Earth Hour

Today is the Earth Hour! let’s help turning off your lights for 1 hour (from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm at your local time). What can you do during that hour? Well, the possibilities are unlimited. You can follow my example and have a lot of fun. #EarthHour... read more

New Comic: The Delay

Welcome to a new comic of Minotaur Productions. After some time oh hiatus making regular comics (not the short ones). I’m back. This time we have a critical situation with Alex facing a new menace. Check the comic to get more... read more

Playing with Miss Balogh

It was one of those quiet afternoons, when suddenly I received a call. It’s Miss Balogh! my old friend was around the neighborhood, so she decided to visit me. Maybe not everybody know, but I met to Miss Balogh on 2010. She helped me for my first movie then. It... read more

New Comic: A Day in Porn

  I’ve released a new comic for your enjoyment. It’s named “A Day in Porn” and show you a little of what happen when a pornstar is not shooting. For this story I assembled some of the finest and hottest female pornstars. It’s like... read more

Second Life 12th Anniversary Snapshot Contest

Hello people! I hope you are fine. I wanted to tell you that I’m participating on the Second Life 12th Anniversary Snapshot Contest. This year the thematic is show how you celebrate using the official pet of the event (the party raptor). As you can see above,... read more

Follow me on Flickr

Flickr is one of the most popular services to host photos (and videos). Before Facebook and Dropbox, there was Flickr getting a lot of users because the social tools and ease to upload pictures. Since Yahoo bought it, the quality of Flickr declined but still is... read more

Welcome to the New Minotaur Productions

Welcome to the new home of Minotaur Productions! I decided to move my site and get an own domain because I thought it was time to present my work in a better platform. Also I wanted to start to experiment with new tools and resources and blogger was a little limited... read more

Behind of Scenes: Happy Easter

Hello my friends. I hope you had a nice easter. Today I want to share the pic I made with the Tera Patrick of SL (Azure Daxeline). I always was a big fan of Tera Patrick in RL, so you can imagine how happy I was to make a pic with her in SL. And of course, I... read more


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